Q&A - with Felix

What is ONE staple piece of (Felix) jewelry, everybody should have in their personal collection?

A Herkimer Diamond. It is a natural, clear quartz, double pointed all faceted stone, which replicates a most realistic version of a diamond.  I feel everyone should have a classic piece such as this, and it affords a beautiful representative to a diamond, for everyone’s price point.

Why natural? What makes this an imperative feature in your pieces?

A stone elicits a natural feeling, an energy, and a deeper significance to that of its surface beauty. Its shape and color are just added factors which contribute to the meaning and the purpose behind each individual stone. The way a stone is formed by itself is beautiful. 

What is a (hidden) talent of yours, besides designing?

Well… I’m an aspiring YouTube chef! I always loved to cook!  I use my background of Chinese and Latin cuisine to infuse global flavors in my unique recipes through the use of blending, experimenting and discovering new flavors. I then combine them to create fast, easy, globally-fused healthy meals in a small Manhattan kitchen! That is my talent. Stay tuned for a potential YouTube, when my sous chef and son, Brandon has some time, preschool is busy! Cooking is very similar to the approach to creating a timeless piece. It’s about thinking of, “out of the box”, elements whilst tying in the classic elements, which will last a lifetime. Now… let’s get cooking!


Why jewelry? What was the meaning behind the origin of Felix Z?

Travel, sparked this young budding designer to take up an interest in jewelry. I was always fascinated by the world around me. It is as if my life merged my passionate hobby of collecting these unique, colored stones, with my need to explore and see the world. It definitely helped that I was a self-taught artist who was always sketching on napkins as a child. It all eventually led to me one day combining all of the things I loved to do. Through my extensive travel, I was exposed to different stones which ignited this interest into jewelry. Felix Z is a compilation of a life’s journey into a piece of art. Now let’s ignite your journey! 


Felix Z is a family business, can you explain how that started?

Wen, my wife, has been by my side from the start of selling our pieces in trunk shows, and street sales. We started small, but we really wanted to understand our customer, and understand how we can create something that would be memorable. We started to then expand to traveling, and it became about finding others who also believed in our vision. We are so grateful to be a small family business and have our extended family globally through our long lasting relationships.


 Any advice for any aspiring jewelry entrepreneurs?

My advice is to expand your view. “Travel. Travel. Travel!” Keep exploring and uncovering new things. The more you expand your horizons, the more inspiration you will have to draw from. Through travel you will meet people. This is how you will form connections, and eventually build relationships. These relationships could last a lifetime. Go to the source. Don’t limit your view to just a local point. Go right to the… FOUNDATION.


You define Felix Z, as timeless pieces, and not distinct collections, why is that?

Felix Z was created to be individual exclusive piece’s that could be passed down through generations. They are timeless, and effortlessly chic. A Felix Z creation is always on trend without trying.  The key to setting up timeless staples in your life is the perfect mixture. Balancing the new with the tried and true. When you have jewelry that is not seasonal, or dated you can wear it through the years. It is the same requirement of a L.B.D (little black dress). Some things never change.

You’re originally from Asia, and you grew up in Central America. How did this experience impact your designs?

It greatly impacted me, the designer and the designs! I love the bold lavish colors of Latin America.  You already know how I feel about the food! I find I am drawn to incorporating an aspect of color into my pieces. I love the classic simplistic elegance of my Chinese roots. I create classic colorful pieces in each piece of jewelry I design. I love fusing each unique style, tradition, and culture in each timeless piece. 


What do you hope every Felix Z customer experiences when purchasing one of your unique jewelry creations?

I hope each customer will have a piece of jewelry which will have brought meaning, and inspiration to them. A Valuable collectible creation that can pass down through generations. They are as unique as each individual who wears them. These museum quality stones are meant to last over lifetimes. We are honored to share this with all of our devoted and loyal customers, and we thank you for choosing our company.