Our Story


 Shaped By Nature

“Be True, Be different, BE one of a KIND. "  is the motto of Felix Z. 

Shaped by Nature, became the philosophy of Felix Z Designs, as it is the fundamental backbone of not only the designer and the process, but the soul of the company. Felix, believes that “jewelry should be built around the natural state of the stone.”

The Nature Process:

Felix Z, has a personal approach to their family owned jewelry business. The formation of a single ring or necklace can be originated from several countries. Felix Z, utilizes the natural resources of a particular country, and combines them to create an exceptional result. Felix was born in China and grew up in Central America, (Panama) His multicultural upbringing and experience is reflected in many of the designs. 

Shaping of Felix Z:

What kind of shape would a handcrafted Felix Z Design create? Well, that answer is quite simply, “the beauty in the raw!” Every single stone has an elegance within itself, unprocessed, and molded to bring out the natural artistry of the particular stone. The ultimate style reflects the color, shape and size of the stone. Architecture and universal influence “shape,” the inspiration behind a Felix Z piece.

The natural stones are sourced in countries in Latin America, India and China. They are set with .925 sterling silver, rhodium plated or 18k solid gold. All pieces are set with e-coating to prevent tarnishing and oxidization .This process ensures long lasting wear of your beautiful new pieces!

All of the Felix Z collection rings have concealed adjustability, so everyone can enjoy a custom piece with limitless functionality!

At Felix Z, we are a minority owned family business who supports other SBA business. We contribute a portion of our sales to help fair trade/ freedom to artisans.

Esperamos traer un "pedazo de naturaleza" a su vida.