About us

About Us

Felix Z is a brand that believes in quality and workmanship, insisting on using genuine stones and Sterling Silver in most of our products. 


The Designer

Felix is a self-taught jewelry designer  from  New York. After working in the Jewelry industry for more than 15 years, he founded Felix Z Designs, a contemporary, handmade jewelry line focused  on  craftsmanship and quality. The brand draws  its inspiration from nature, using natural gemstones and 925 Sterling silver as main materials in most of his collections.

His multicultural exposure is reflected in many of his designs and he continually finds inspirations in his extensive travels around the world. He aspires to create jewelry that is more wearable art than just a simple accessory. Felix Z’s philosophy is to be bold, be different and be unique. 


Design Process

FelixZ design process from Wen Productions Cinema on Vimeo.