Our Story


Felix is a self taught Jewelry Designer based in New York. Born in China, raised in Central American, he came to New York when he was 17 years old. His multicultural exposure has given him a unique perspective in his jewelry design. After seeing the saturation of  generic and mass produced Jewelries in the market, he decided to create something meaningful, and unique. He travels around the world sourcing unique gemstones, including India, Brazil, Uruguay. His collection focus on hand crafted designs with timeless natural gemstones and Precious metals, including 925 Silver and 18k gold. 



Our goal is to create ethical Jewelry line by aligning talented Craftsmen from around the world, including India, Brazil, Turkey and Uruguay, providing fair trade and freedom for people to take charge of their own lives and building something for themselves. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted by independent small-scale artisan groups.  



Felix Z is redefining Jewelry, using Natural and one of a kind Gemstones to create modern accessories that is truly unique. Our collections are inspired by the nature itself, using the natural and organic gemstones as the origin of designs.  We travel around the world to source unique gemstones, many of our collection are made with museum quality stone specimens, making it truly one of a kind.


All our collections are crafted with 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold, set with Natural Gemstones. Our Sterling silver are either Rhodium Plated or Gold plated with E-coating to protect from tarnishing or oxidizing.